Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Brief

Sophie Holt

My aim is to produce a current gen game setting for a PC platform. It should fit within the adventure/rpg genre.
The idea is an idealistic fairy tale cottage in a clearing surrounded by woods with a river running by. The cottage would act as a ‘safe house’ in terms of gameplay.
The art shall be slightly stylised such as ‘painterly’ looking textures as if set pieces for a play or an illustration from a book.
The cottage will be mainly based on the Fairy Tale Cottages built by Hugh Comstock in the 1920’s situated in Carmel, California.
I would like the place to look quirky and hand-built; the atmosphere should be calm and peaceful within the main area but a sense of unease created from the dark woods beyond.

·       3dsMax
·       Unreal
·       Photoshop
·       Zbrush
·       Xnormal
·       Microsoft Office Word & Excel
·       Blogger

Generalised Assets:
·       A fairly large cottage
·       A windmill
·       Surrounding area of woodland
·       Plenty of foliage

I hope to use the Udk engine to create:
·       Terrain
·       Animated windmill
·       Animated butterflies
·       Flowing water in a stream
·       Wind actor for foliage